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Spas & Relaxation

Enjoy one of the three spas in Quebec City


SKYSPA offers spa-goers a multifaceted and multisensory wellness experience. Chat and relax in the Californian baths on SKYSPA’s rooftop patio, where you’ll enjoy a magnificent view of the city.

Both SKYSPA locations are close to urban centers, so you can combine relaxation with all sorts of other activities.

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Strom Spa Nordique

Evoking both the force and the tranquility of water, the Scandinavian word Strøm designates a current and, figuratively, water’s incredible strength, constant movement and energy, as well as its serenity. Strøm communicates the mighty power of water, whose essence, once channeled, profoundly nourishes and transforms, and it conveys a source of purity that regenerates inner balance and harmony.

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Spa Infinima


Experience our unique Nordic concept. A unique concept featuring an intimate décor and atmosphere to transport you to the heart of the finest Italian spas.

Experience indoor Nordic Baths!

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to access the Hammam. People aged 16 or 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

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